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Here at Ruptura we specialise in helping Small to Medium sized businesses deal with cyber security threats. Our affordable, expert consultancy provides a professional, tailor made service for each client, ensuring a smooth engagement from start to finish.

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Specialist Penetration Testing

Specialist Penetration Testing

Our team of experienced penetration testers will attempt to break into your systems in order to highlight cyber security weaknesses that a real attacker would look for in the wild! Whether this is a web application or core infrastructure, you can count on Ruptura to identify these issues and help your business remediate them.

Managed Scanning

Managed Scanning

Ruptura offer a managed scanning service where your business’s systems are routinely scanned for the most up to date vulnerabilities. This is our cheapest service and is recommended to go alongside our other testing services. This combination ensures security visibility all year round.

APT Simulation

Advanced Persistent Threat Simulation

Our APT service is unlike any seen before. In this sort of engagement, our goals are to go from knowing nothing about your company at all, to achieving a full compromise of your entire environment. This is our most advanced and technical service, containing multiple phases, with multiple goals. Be warned. We will hack you.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Ruptura can help your business by performing bespoke Social Engineering engagements. These can range from Phishing, Vhishing (Voice Phishing) and Physical Security ‘break-in’ assessments. Whilst your business’s IT systems may be secure, your employees may be susceptible to security threats you may not have considered.

Low Prices

Low Prices

As Ruptura is also a small business, we do not have the same overheads of much larger consultancies. As a result of this, Ruptura are able to offer much lower prices, whilst still providing an outstanding service.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

All clients of Ruptura are welcome to expert advice whenever required. Whether your business is implementing new systems, or simply want advice on generating a stronger password policy – Ruptura will be there to offer expert advice

Start improving your business’s security today.

With cyber security breaches becoming a daily occurrence, there is no better time to start protecting your business and livelihood from cyber criminals.
Average Cost of a Security Breach (IBM, 2017)
Estimated Time to Hack a Small Business
Percentage of Small Businesses & Charities Reporting Breaches in Last 12 Months (UK Gov, 2018)

Why Choose Us?

Small Business Specialists

Ruptura specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses. As a result, we can recommend you the most appropriate services to help improve your IT security and can even tailor specific engagements to suit your needs and/or budget.

Cyber Security Experts

All consultants at Ruptura are experts in the cyber security field. Their years of experience in cyber security testing are proven by the multitude of industry recognised certifications that they possess. In other words, you are in good hands!

Great Communication

At Ruptura we pride ourselves in delivering work that our clients value and more importantly understand! We are specialists at providing cyber security reports that contain both high level overviews that a non-technical senior executive or director can interpret, whilst still providing a high level of technical detail where needed.

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